Saturday, December 25, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,
I thought I would take a moment on this quiet Christmas morning to remind you of some amazing Christmas memories. You and dad are asleep still at 6:15 am and for some reason you've been getting up 1-4 times a night this week, coming into our bedroom and thinking it's morning! (the dark mornings sure don't help either) so this morning I just couldn't get back to sleep when you came in at 5:30~ all I kept thinking was that it was CHRISTMAS morning!!!!
Dad- I mean "Santa"- stayed up later then me putting your train, scooter and truck together and in front of the tree! It looks so great and I am admiring it with coffee in hand, pandora Christmas playing and soaking it all in.
This Christmas season has felt the most "un-Christmas" I've ever had: we've been looking at houses, having ubber amounts of showings to work around, neither dad or I can really think of much we want or are excited about ( in the line of presents for ourselves) because we just want our own house and furniture for that house!
Of course, we've walked through the Rhema lights, drove through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights (which you ADORE) baked and decorated gingerbread men with friends, decorated a gingerbread house with dad, sat on Chick Fil A Santa Cow's lap, watched Polar Express and Elf (we tried other movies... you were NOT feeling any of the other ones) we've shopped for lot's of gifts and you helped me wrap presents.... but really it all really FEELS like Christmas when you, me and dad are together opening presents!!! Maybe cliche but oh well.
Yesterday we started a new Christmas Eve tradition and went to the gym early and worked out! Let's just say I'm feeling a little sore from that work out! We joined this amazing new gym (Sky Fitness and Well-Being) They are a really cool kid's area with games, slides and coloring! I also promise you a bag of organic gummy bears after every gym visit... hmmm that's not bribery is it?
This week we just started a new game downstairs: I hide all your stuffed animals (all 10) and you and dad come downstairs in the dark with your flashlight and "search" for them! You LOVE this game and say" igain" after each round!
Well I better get some food prep started before you boys wake up!

Love & Merry Christmas my sweets-

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things Red and GREEN

Dear Brooklyn,
Wow things have gotten more crazy, more hectic and through it all you are still your sweet self. Christmas is next week and we've been finishing up our shopping (but what about those non-existence Christmas cards? sorry family and friends- not sure if those will happen this year)
You've been helping me wrap gifts (you're the tape man) hang ornaments, make countless gingerbread men and in the midst of this all I've started our family eating more RAW.

I can't explain how amazed I am at your willingness to drink and eat so many new foods! We juice "green lemonade" every morning (kale or spinach, celery, lemon, ginger and apple) and you adorably call it apple juice (let's be honest their IS an apple in there) but... it's green :) You even downed a "green smoothie" (banana, water, spinach and strawberries) yesterday without taking a breath! I am so proud of you for eating so many new fruits and veggies and more daringly trying drinks that are GREEN.

We also are looking for a NEW NEW house, yes not one of the 5 houses we've lived in since April, and not the Sandusky house we've driven by, prayed over and waited on for the last 8 months... but a BETTER house. The Lord has a plan for us and while we wait for it to unfold we are hanging out in our Toledo house. You really love this house: you have your own room for JUST TOYS!!! we have stray kitties that play with you, it has hardwood floors for you to slide around on and mom and dads bedroom is only one room over.

I'm sure we will look back on this time and see that the Lord was teaching us lot's of new things... but I'll be honest it's been harder then I thought. You've been awesome during so much change, but I'm really ready to have a house to call our OWN! oh and to get rid of all the boxes and to officially UNPACK everything! (after 3 months of looking I finally found our blender!)

Love & hugs-


Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Ideas

Dear Brooklyn,
It's official the holidays are around the corner! It's 1/2 through November and I can't wait to start holiday decorating, events, movies and Christmas shopping. We've been going to toy stores and letting you give us ideas of what you like. So far, you want anything Toy Story :)
Besides holiday shopping we have some fun events coming up: this Saturday is Philbrook's Festival of Trees and its one of my favorite things to do to start off the holiday season. Lot's of local artist make trees, gingerbread houses and holiday items to sell and raise money for Philbrook art museum. This year Marmie and I are submitting pieces. It's been one of my dreams to enter a tree and I just finished it this morning.
I have a list of things to do and movies to watch this holiday season:

Home Alone
Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story
Polar Express

To Do:
Build Gingerbread House
See Rhema Lights
Bake Cookies
Buy and decorate Christmas Tree
Drive around town looking at Christmas lights
Go to Utica Square and shop at night with hot chocolate from Starbucks

I think that's most of what I can think of right now... I love you and can't wait for you to experience Christmas this year!


p.s. this photo was from our first attempt at a Family Christmas photo... although dad doesn't like it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Those Crazy Times

Dear Brooklyn,
This morning was the last day of my Bible study and your Grammy and Pop Pop played with you all morning. When I came to pick you up... you were CRAZY WILD.

Not like the regular B I'm used to- you were soooo tired from not having a good night sleep (believe it or not- we all woke up from real cats fighting outside our windows, anyways) While driving home- you were very disobedient. You pulled my hair, hit me while I tried to buckle you in your seat, then pulled your straps off ( I pulled over and spanked you) then you wouldn't get back in your car seat or get buckled up... ugh.... it was horrible.

You cried the whole 5 minute ride home- ok it took about 10 because of you're temper tantrums, then when we got home I sat you down and told you why you were getting spankings- you cried and said no no no- but after your spankings you stopped, we hugged and then cuddled. You wanted to cuddle and giggle with me... the one who you were hitting 15 minutes prior.

All this to say- you have the best heart- it's so tender. On those rare days that you get a bad night sleep and throw fits- you still want to hug and be with me. I cannot explain the overwhelming love I have for you- even in those crazy times, I still love you.

Being a mom helps me to understand (just a little bit) our Heavenly Father's love for me. To think- he loves me when I throw fits, disobey and cry about things not going the way I want them. He is patient with me, thank you my sweet B for making me a mom and helping me to understand love a little bit better.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

You're Worth It

Dear Brooklyn,
Every morning you wake and ask for Dad. Actually you say "I want dada" Most of the time dad is still home, but on those rare occasions that you've slept in past 7:15am- I have to tell you dad is already at work. You are always sad to miss seeing dad in the morning and I don't blame you, he's wonderful to wake up to!

I then go on to explain why dad goes to work and why I stay home with you. Sometimes it's good for me to say it out loud and hear myself say it. "Dad goes to work to provide for us. So we can eat, live in a house and so that Brooklyn and mom can be together all day" That's right my sweet little man, dad works very hard every day at a great job so we can be together!

Several years before we had you, dad and I had a very serious conversation about if I would stay home with you or not. We both agreed that the sacrifice of me not working was worth it, so that I could raise you and be with you everyday. It wasn't easy, not because I loved my job so much- but because we knew that we would not only sacrifice now to make that decision happen.. but in the next 5-10 years we would have less "stuff" and maybe a smaller house and maybe an older car- so that I could be with you while you are young and raise you.

So we sold your dad's car (a silver Acura he liked a lot) and bought a little Vespa scooter (we named her Vicki) and agreed to pay of school loans and any debt we had (besides our house). We budgeted and saved and I had to learn a completely different lifestyle. I had to only buy groceries that fit into our monthly grocery budget, we couldn't go out to eat very much because our entertainment budget allowed us about 2-3 times per month and we shared my car- the faithful Jetta I got when I was 16. In about 2 years we reached our "debt-free" status and bought another car for dad. We still had our small house- but we loved it and cared for it like it was a mansion!

I want you to know you were WORTH it!!! I would do it again and again and again. I've changed a lot since being a mom and I now would rather buy you clothes, shoes, toys and your favorite movie over buying a new shirt at my favorite store Anthropologie. Seeing you happy everyday and knowing that I made the right choice for our family is such an amazing feeling.
I want the time at home together to be one of learning, sharing and playing. I hope you will have the best foundation built for you as a little guy. That's why I stay home with you... that's why the sacrifice is all worth it.
You're worth it.
I love you and am so glad you are my son.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,
Again you are asleep downstairs and I'm enjoying the quiet of your nap time :) I've been going through all the clothes you've out grown so we can loan them to a little friend (Liam Rawlings) and I can't help but smile over all the memories we had together when you where wearing them.

Your baby batman jammies: so cute!
Your puppy dog mittens- man alive!
Your first Lacoste polo from Marmie and Papa Doc (it's red and you looked so great in it with your amazing tan this past summer)
All your converse tennis shoes you out grow about every other month! (you are 2 years and 4 months and wear a size 9!!! the 8's still fit barely without socks)

As much as I love buying you clothes- I've finally learned to start buying some things at the consignment store! Like jammies for $3.99 that fit you for about 4 months vs. jammies for $15 from the department store.

I wonder if you will have a little brother who will wear your clothes? That is fun to think about, to be able to get each little onesie, jacket, sweater and booties out again! Oh well. I'm sure the Lord already has your next sibling lined up :)

B- I know you will keep growing and I can't stop you- but can you please DO NOT out grow your mini Boden jacket this year? Thanks :)


Monday, October 25, 2010

You were Buzz

Dear Brooklyn,
You are asleep right now downstairs in mom and dad's room. Lately I've been cuddling up next to you and rubbing your back before you fall asleep. I know you need to sleep in your crib by yourself... but I love having those sweet moments of down time with you. Ever since the painters came (for 10 days straight) your naps have been off schedule. So now I need to get you back on track... it might take a day or two more.

Last Friday night we took you to the Disney store in the mall for a kids costume party! You went as Buzz Light Year from Toy Story. It's your favorite movie right now and you play with Buzz (who you call On) and Woody everyday. I can hear you playing in the other room with Buzz and Woody argueing back and forth to each other "No Me"- "No Me" and on and on... it's so cute.

I'm so thankful I get to be home with you. Everyday you learn something new, say a new word or play more grown up. I'm trying to be satisfied with the age you are, but its so hard to not get excited for when you are in a big boy bed, not in diapers anymore and talking in full sentences to me. I guess that also means: no more baby crib ( I guess we pack it away?) no more special times on the changing table tickling your tummy or you turning your bum bum around. And no more baby jabber. Ok, nevermind. Stay just the way you are. Grow up slow just like you are right now and I will try to soak in every moment, take LOTS of pictures and continue this journal for you. I want to remember the little things that make you- you. I want to be able to look back at this short, special season of you when you are little and smile!

I love you my sweet little curly joe~