Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bad Fruit

Dear Brooklyn,
   Fall is here! This month and last month have been BEAUTIFUL outside and we've been biking or playing outside every night with dad (which is your favorite thing to do) But with fall comes new fruits and veggies in season. Which made me thing of something important.
  Every Monday is grocery shopping day, you and I load up with bags, our list and hopes of adventure :) or at least that's what I call it- hoping we'll have fun! You and I buy lot's of fruits and veggies and depending on where we are shopping you usually have to check the fruit very carefully.. here's why.
  When you buy a container of fruit like strawberries for instance, if there is ONE bad fruit hiding amongst the good fruit- it ALWAYS turns the good fruit around it bad. And on some occasions if I don't see it soon enough it's turned every single piece of fruit bad too. Here's my meaning- Friends like fruit influence those around them. If you have a group of friends and they are all good friends except ONE- get away from that group or that friend. Remember the strawberry? It's just like that with people. One bad fruit has NEVER ever been effected or changed by a whole container of good fruit- weird huh? Well that's it, remember to choose good friends and to be that good friend too :)

I love you my little B!