Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Dressed

Dear Brooklyn,
Last month your dad and I joined this really cool gym called Sky Fitness. I've been doing really good about getting there about 3-4 times a week and even did an hour cardio session this past Sunday as a "bonus" workout! You aren't interested now in lifting weights or aerobic activity but someday you will be.
Today one if the Sky employees asked how I was enjoying the gym- I said I loved it and so did my son. Then he laughed and mentioned that all the workers loved him and also voted him "Best Dressed in December" - I thought that was pretty cute :) And to top it all off, you went today in your Buzz costume!

I love you in whatever you're wearing!



Saturday, January 8, 2011

Naked Nu Nu Man

Dear Brooklyn,
Something you've been asking to do lately is to run down the hall...naked :) After a dirty diaper has come off and I've wiped your bottom clean, you ask to run as a "naked nu nu" I think it's so funny that you love being naked so much and that it's such a treat to run while naked.

I'm sure when you're older you will love that I've posted this sweet, mildly personal baby moment~

Love you,


Monday, January 3, 2011

Fatherly Advice

Dear Brooklyn,
Last night we went to a great little place called Chipotle for dinner. Rachel and Aaron met us there after our Ohio trip to see grandma Grace. As we were standing in line a man said to dad "I'll trade you sons" and then laughed, Chris asked how old his son was and the man said 21. Later on he and I started talking and I asked him if he had any advice for new parents, here's what he said:

1.- Document EVERYTHING: you think you will remember all the little things... but you won't. Write it all down .

2.- Time: remember that you only have a short time together, so spend as much of it together as you can, kids acquire 80% of who they will be from birth-3 years old. Don't waist that time- spend it together.

3.- Be very careful who you let them hang out with: their friends will determine their future. Don't worry about hurting your kids feelings or offending their friends.

... He then went on to say that his son was in prison :( He will be sitting in prison instead of living his life, he chose bad friends and they influenced him too much. His son had potential to play college baseball and instead threw his life away. He said briefly is was from alcohol influence as well. His throat was a little horse and he explained he just made it through throat cancer and it made him think about the things that are most important in life. It was his kids and his family. NOT a car, house, clothes or STUFF.

I was thinking about this sweet dad and how sad it must have been for him to be in the hospital with cancer and not have been surrounded by all of his family. I will never forget that man's courage to share his son's failures with a perfect stranger- me.

I want you to know son that the Lord is teaching me daily how precious my time is with you right now. That you will never be young again and just BEING with you is the most important thing. I'm learning that a clean house, the latest fashion or all the stuff I want will never compare to how valuable you are to me.

I love you-