Thursday, March 17, 2011

Like Mom, Like Dad

Dear Brooklyn,
Moving again! Our current Show Home sold and we must move out in the next 8 days. eek. We've been staging homes (that are for sale) with our furniture. BUT we have a house that's being renovated- but not ready for us :( So we'll be living in Marmie & Papa Doc's garage apartment.

Ok can we just agree that it's going to be AWESOME!? They have a heated pool & hot tub about 20 steps away from our room :) I'm sooo excited. I officially started packing this morning and you were not very excited to see some of your toys packed away. But no worries my little man- we'll get them all out again soon!

This afternoon you and I snuggled together for a little bit during your nap time and I was thinking how funny it was that there are things you do exactly like me! And then things you do that are exactly like your dad. I thought I would make you a list :)

Like Mom:
-We both sleep best on our tummies with our hands tucked under our legs
-We both love anything sweet :) or "treats" as you like to call them
-We both love to read (or in your case be read to) before bedtime
-We both have curly hair
-We both LOVE swimming

Like dad:
-Your blue eyes
-You are a morning person
-Your amazingly strong legs (you are already so athletic)
-You both love to laugh
-You both make incredible sound effects! (cars, planes, trains etc.)
-You both love to wrestle and get dirty outside

I know there are so many more- but that's what I thought of for now. Remember even with our differences- I will ALWAYS love you!



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No More Dipes

Dear Brooklyn,
Lot's of new things are happening right now, one of them is that you are potty training! Wow. It's pretty crazy in the midst of remodeling our new house, conferences at church, bridal and baby showers and just life moving along!
You absolutely LOVE wearing pull-ups now and not "dipes" (that's what you and I call diapers) You feel so big and grown up and smile the biggest, sweetest smile when you talk about your pull-ups. We've been training about 2-3 weeks now and you go pee on the potty about 1-2 times a day, but mostly do the pee pee hoppy-ing around dance and then hide to go pee in your pull up.
But today you went while we were out shopping at Hobby Lobby!!! I was so proud of you and even though you got pee all over your Woody costume you were wearing... I'm so excited for you!
So lesson learned for mom: bring extra clothes while potty training.

I really cannot believe you are going to be 3 in... 3 months! Where did my baby B go? You talk so well now and it feels like I really have a companion during the day instead of just a listener :)

Recently we've been getting movies from the library for "family movie night" which includes: mom, dad and you sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching a kids movie :) You love "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" "Toy Story 1,2 & 3" ok most anything Disney :) It's one of my favorite times together- looking at you cuddled up between dad and I.

Let's keep working hard on this potty training thing... you'll get soon!