Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In Those Crazy Times

Dear Brooklyn,
This morning was the last day of my Bible study and your Grammy and Pop Pop played with you all morning. When I came to pick you up... you were CRAZY WILD.

Not like the regular B I'm used to- you were soooo tired from not having a good night sleep (believe it or not- we all woke up from real cats fighting outside our windows, anyways) While driving home- you were very disobedient. You pulled my hair, hit me while I tried to buckle you in your seat, then pulled your straps off ( I pulled over and spanked you) then you wouldn't get back in your car seat or get buckled up... ugh.... it was horrible.

You cried the whole 5 minute ride home- ok it took about 10 because of you're temper tantrums, then when we got home I sat you down and told you why you were getting spankings- you cried and said no no no- but after your spankings you stopped, we hugged and then cuddled. You wanted to cuddle and giggle with me... the one who you were hitting 15 minutes prior.

All this to say- you have the best heart- it's so tender. On those rare days that you get a bad night sleep and throw fits- you still want to hug and be with me. I cannot explain the overwhelming love I have for you- even in those crazy times, I still love you.

Being a mom helps me to understand (just a little bit) our Heavenly Father's love for me. To think- he loves me when I throw fits, disobey and cry about things not going the way I want them. He is patient with me, thank you my sweet B for making me a mom and helping me to understand love a little bit better.


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