Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Ideas

Dear Brooklyn,
It's official the holidays are around the corner! It's 1/2 through November and I can't wait to start holiday decorating, events, movies and Christmas shopping. We've been going to toy stores and letting you give us ideas of what you like. So far, you want anything Toy Story :)
Besides holiday shopping we have some fun events coming up: this Saturday is Philbrook's Festival of Trees and its one of my favorite things to do to start off the holiday season. Lot's of local artist make trees, gingerbread houses and holiday items to sell and raise money for Philbrook art museum. This year Marmie and I are submitting pieces. It's been one of my dreams to enter a tree and I just finished it this morning.
I have a list of things to do and movies to watch this holiday season:

Home Alone
Christmas Vacation
A Christmas Story
Polar Express

To Do:
Build Gingerbread House
See Rhema Lights
Bake Cookies
Buy and decorate Christmas Tree
Drive around town looking at Christmas lights
Go to Utica Square and shop at night with hot chocolate from Starbucks

I think that's most of what I can think of right now... I love you and can't wait for you to experience Christmas this year!


p.s. this photo was from our first attempt at a Family Christmas photo... although dad doesn't like it.

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