Thursday, December 16, 2010

Things Red and GREEN

Dear Brooklyn,
Wow things have gotten more crazy, more hectic and through it all you are still your sweet self. Christmas is next week and we've been finishing up our shopping (but what about those non-existence Christmas cards? sorry family and friends- not sure if those will happen this year)
You've been helping me wrap gifts (you're the tape man) hang ornaments, make countless gingerbread men and in the midst of this all I've started our family eating more RAW.

I can't explain how amazed I am at your willingness to drink and eat so many new foods! We juice "green lemonade" every morning (kale or spinach, celery, lemon, ginger and apple) and you adorably call it apple juice (let's be honest their IS an apple in there) but... it's green :) You even downed a "green smoothie" (banana, water, spinach and strawberries) yesterday without taking a breath! I am so proud of you for eating so many new fruits and veggies and more daringly trying drinks that are GREEN.

We also are looking for a NEW NEW house, yes not one of the 5 houses we've lived in since April, and not the Sandusky house we've driven by, prayed over and waited on for the last 8 months... but a BETTER house. The Lord has a plan for us and while we wait for it to unfold we are hanging out in our Toledo house. You really love this house: you have your own room for JUST TOYS!!! we have stray kitties that play with you, it has hardwood floors for you to slide around on and mom and dads bedroom is only one room over.

I'm sure we will look back on this time and see that the Lord was teaching us lot's of new things... but I'll be honest it's been harder then I thought. You've been awesome during so much change, but I'm really ready to have a house to call our OWN! oh and to get rid of all the boxes and to officially UNPACK everything! (after 3 months of looking I finally found our blender!)

Love & hugs-


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