Monday, October 25, 2010

You were Buzz

Dear Brooklyn,
You are asleep right now downstairs in mom and dad's room. Lately I've been cuddling up next to you and rubbing your back before you fall asleep. I know you need to sleep in your crib by yourself... but I love having those sweet moments of down time with you. Ever since the painters came (for 10 days straight) your naps have been off schedule. So now I need to get you back on track... it might take a day or two more.

Last Friday night we took you to the Disney store in the mall for a kids costume party! You went as Buzz Light Year from Toy Story. It's your favorite movie right now and you play with Buzz (who you call On) and Woody everyday. I can hear you playing in the other room with Buzz and Woody argueing back and forth to each other "No Me"- "No Me" and on and on... it's so cute.

I'm so thankful I get to be home with you. Everyday you learn something new, say a new word or play more grown up. I'm trying to be satisfied with the age you are, but its so hard to not get excited for when you are in a big boy bed, not in diapers anymore and talking in full sentences to me. I guess that also means: no more baby crib ( I guess we pack it away?) no more special times on the changing table tickling your tummy or you turning your bum bum around. And no more baby jabber. Ok, nevermind. Stay just the way you are. Grow up slow just like you are right now and I will try to soak in every moment, take LOTS of pictures and continue this journal for you. I want to remember the little things that make you- you. I want to be able to look back at this short, special season of you when you are little and smile!

I love you my sweet little curly joe~


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