Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dear Brooklyn,
Again you are asleep downstairs and I'm enjoying the quiet of your nap time :) I've been going through all the clothes you've out grown so we can loan them to a little friend (Liam Rawlings) and I can't help but smile over all the memories we had together when you where wearing them.

Your baby batman jammies: so cute!
Your puppy dog mittens- man alive!
Your first Lacoste polo from Marmie and Papa Doc (it's red and you looked so great in it with your amazing tan this past summer)
All your converse tennis shoes you out grow about every other month! (you are 2 years and 4 months and wear a size 9!!! the 8's still fit barely without socks)

As much as I love buying you clothes- I've finally learned to start buying some things at the consignment store! Like jammies for $3.99 that fit you for about 4 months vs. jammies for $15 from the department store.

I wonder if you will have a little brother who will wear your clothes? That is fun to think about, to be able to get each little onesie, jacket, sweater and booties out again! Oh well. I'm sure the Lord already has your next sibling lined up :)

B- I know you will keep growing and I can't stop you- but can you please DO NOT out grow your mini Boden jacket this year? Thanks :)


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