Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You're a giver.

Dear Brooklyn,
 Yesterday a tornado came through Moore Oklahoma and devastated homes and schools. Lives were lost and it is heart breaking. This morning I found out about several donation spots in Tulsa. I rounded up some diapers, baby food, canned goods, baby clothes, toothpaste and soap to give away. I sat you down, showed you photos of children who lost their homes and everything in it! We looked through your toys and stuffed animals (and after lots of encouragement from me) you picked out a car with lights and sounds and a stuffed dinosaur. It may seems like a small thing to others, but I know it was a HUGE thing for you! When we arrived at the donation center you wanted to carry the bags and diapers and give them away. I'm proud of you. You were filled with excitement and talked the whole way home about how the little boy in the photo you saw on the internet will love that dinosaur. That's what we are praying- that our donations make it to the right children and families in need! I'm so proud of you and your heart to give. Giving isn't always easy or convenient, but God has called us to give when we have extra. We are blessed to be a blessing. You are a blessing in my life and I'm so grateful for you; I'm also grateful that your tender heart is learning to give!


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