Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Room, Big Love

Dear Brooklyn,
It's July now and we've just moved into our new home! You love it here and are enjoying your new room immensely. You have light blue walls, a fun bed with a tent on top that looks likes stars when you lay down to go to sleep; and dad and I just re-painted his kid dresser for you! There is color everywhere, you are fun and that's what I wanted your new space to be :)
Every morning you wake up to find dad and I on the back porch drinking coffee. You play with the same set of cars from the movie "Cars 2" on the table and eat your breakfast. You and I have so many adventures together but my favorite part of everyday is when we cuddle before your nap. You are extra loving and generous with your affection at this time. You always place your little arm around my neck, tell me you love me and kiss me over and over... you are the best.
As Mr. Bruce says- if I could "put a brick on your head to keep you from growing" I would :)
In the evenings we play with your toys after dinner, or work on house projects together. Just being together, the 3 of us is the BEST. Nothing compares to having you as my son, you light up my life and I'm so grateful for you. (Even when you had an accident and pooped in your pants during your nap today and had to have an impromtu bath, clothes changed, more laundry for me etc.) I truly can't explain my love for you, but it is starting to help me understand the love my parents have for me and our Father's love for us. That He would do anything- give His life for us. Wow. It's still so amazing. In a world where mom's are killing their children and covering it up- I'm so glad we have comfort and hope in our heavenly Father. I promise to do everything in my power to protect you. I'm so excited to be in our new house, to see our little family grow (not pregnant yet) and to see you learn new things! I love you-


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